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04 Apr 2014

But according to Hollywood Life , Kim and Kanye have found a way to include their late parents on their special day and have plans to honor Robert and Donda when they tie the knot. A part of the wedding is going to be devoted to remembering Kanyes mom and Kims dad, a source close to the rapper says. Kanye really wants to make a point of having them both be a part of the wedding by honoring their memory. So sweet! Nothing could replace their actual being at the wedding, of course, but we have no doubt their presence will be with Kim and Kanye as they take their vows. And as easy as it is to forget Kanyes just a regular guy with, you know, actual human emotions, it breaks our heart to hear that hell never get to introduce his mom, who died in 2007, to the woman hes going to marry, as it was something he always looked forward to doing. Its going to be an emotional day for Kanye, and his mother will be on his mind for sure, another source says.

However, the rapper decided to avoid stirring up unnecessary controversy, especially since neither Wayne nor West had done anything wrong.