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16 Feb 2014

Actually, James has great [...] Call the #Wahmbulance: Twitter Destroys Drake for Rolling Stone-Philip Seymour Hoffman Slam Drake's complaints about losing his Rolling Stone cover to late beloved actor Philip Seymour Hoffman have prompted a backlash online. The rapper posted a series of angry messages on his Twitter page Thursday, complaining about the interview and his placement in the music publication. Drake argues that that excerpts about his criticisms of Kanye West's [...] Lamb of God Frontman Finally Opens Up About "Freaking Weird" Manslaughter Case When Grammy nominated metal band Lamb of God decided to create its first documentary, the film was originally conceived with a positive slant: Following the group's trek around the globe on tour, putting a spotlight on their fans, and emphasizing the power of music to create common bonds.During the filming process, however, things took a dramatic and irreversible turn for the negative. 12 Pieces of Advice for the Losers Slammed on Nicki Minajs New Song Nicki Minaj's new song "Lookin' Ass N-gga" is sure to hurt some feelings.

Your "Drunk in Love" verse just got overshadowed by your pal Kanye West. The "Yeezus" rapper, along with producer Mike Dean, unveiled a remix of Beyonce's latest single, swooping in to rework beats laid down by producers Boots and Detail. West adds in a verse of his own that contains distinct references to Kim Kardashian. "You ain't on site, then you on Skype / I put you on that bike, you bound, girl," West raps, indicating his "Bound 2" video in which he and Kardashian caress each other while cruising on a motorcycle. Along the way, West can't help but get a little graphic: "That cowgirl, you reverse that cowgirl / You reverse, you reverse, and I pregnated your mouth, girl, ooooh / That's when I knew you could be my spouse, girl / We f--kin' all over the house, girl, we just messed up a brand new couch, girl." (If you're unfamiliar, we'll leave it to you to look up the meaning of "cowgirl.") The remix was first released on The Angie Review , but you can listen to it below. UPDATE: 1:30 p.m.

Kanye West Knew People "Would Go Berserk" Over Kim Kardashian's Painted Birkin Bag, Thanks Fans at Concert

And controlled by everything. And they don't believe in anything," he added. Feeling happy in the Valley, the Yeezus rapper thanked his fans for their love and support: " Y'all don't give a f--k what happen," he gushed. "Y'all don't care if I have a red suit ony'all don't care if I have a kilt ony'all dont' care if I'm on a motorcycle. "Don't say sh-- about Ye!" PHOTOS: Kanye's most outrageous moments The "Bound 2" rapper also told the crowd he plans to continue being true to himself in the new year: "You know people used to say, they used to say I like to talk a lot of sh--," he shared.

'Shut the f*** up!': Kanye West slams two DJs for FOUR MINUTES straight during Pennsylvania concert because they called him 'egotistical'

Ten years of this sh**. if I go to your radio interview then shut the f*** up.' The Illinois native has appeared on both Charlamagne's and Sway's shows before. You ticked off the WRONG guy: Charlamagne at an MTV event in May 2012 She's off limits too: West also said he redirected was sick of the radio men talking about his 'girlfriend' - here he's seen with fiancee Kim Kardashian in January He then pointed out how hard he has worked to get where he is. 'We in the studio every night.


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